Websites of Interest

Project Swallow

This site explains efforts being made to promote and fund the National Wildlife Refuge at the end of the causway between New Orleans and Metairie, Louisiana where it is estimated that about 8 million Pu.rple Martins pass through twice a year on their migratory route.

NWR Project Swallow

Entrance Hole Configurations

This site offers every conceivable Purple Martin entry configuration for every conceivable Purple Martin house.  You have to see it to believe it and you can take hours to sort through all of the options as well as a wealth of other Purple Martin information.

Entrances by Sandy

Current Research in Michigan

An ongoing study of the Martin population in Michigan showing data provided by landlords throughout the state.

Michigan Purple Martins

Purple Martins for Kids

Filled with photos by Joe Dellinger and an array of information about Purple Martins, their young, their enemies,  as well as activities for kids based on the children’s book by Ree Dellinger, “My Best Nest”

A Purple Martin Story

Citizen Science

Be a part of ongoing research.  Here are some opportunities to support the study of Purple Martins and wild birds in general.

Purple Martin Scout Reports: help document the arrival of Purple Martins in your area and check where Martins have been seen.

PMCA Scout Arrival Study

Purple Martin Society, NA Scout Report

The Nature Society Scout Report

The Great Backyard Bird Count: Participate in this study which takes place during one weekend of February and can help document the migration progress of Purple Martins.

Great Backyard Bird Count

Purple Martin Nesting and Population Research: keep nesting records and share your data to benefit research.

PMCA Project MartinWatch

Talk It Over

Join a forum on Purple Martin related topics

PMCA Purple Martin Forum

PMS, NA Round Table Conferences

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