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Natureline gourd

Natureline plastic gourds are 11″ in diameter and have removable front access hole and canopy combination and an additional viewing port.  Various entry hole shapes are available as well as solid fronts for landlords who want to close gourds for the winter or cut their own configuration.

The Natureline series of plastic wildlife products includes gourds, gourd poles, bird feeders, hummingbird feeders and bluebird houses.  Gourds and accessories are available from the Purple Martin Conservation Association,  Nature House and various other sources as well as by direct contact.

Plasticraft Manufacturing Co., Inc.
115 Plasticraft Drive
Albertville AL  35950
Phone:  800-329-4105   Ext. 201

The Birds’ Paradise

The home of Troyer’s T-14 wooden Purple Martin house, featuring 14 compartments 11″ deep.  Purchase options include just plans, a kit ready to assemble, or an assembled house (unpainted).  A mounting kit with winch, cable and other parts are also available.  Landlords must purchase two 20′ 2″x6″ and two 10′ 2″x6″ pressure-treated boards and laminate them to form a single pole on which to mount the house.

The Birds’ Paradise
20835 Morris Road
Conneautville PA 16406
Phone: 800-587-3879

No website, so call to request a current catalog which also includes bluebird houses, sparrow and starling traps, SuperGourds, bird feeders, books and useful information.

Lone Star Purple Martin Housing

Manufacturer of a rather new line of aluminum Purple Martin houses and a new gourd rack that will accommodate 16 gourds.  Lone Star products are now available from various suppliers of Purple Martin and bird related products.

Creative Universe Enterprises

Manufacturer of Purple Martin products since 1989 including poles for gourds and aluminum houses, owl guards, perching arms, sparrow traps, etc.  Their online store offers a variety of Martin equipment as well as interesting information.

Creative Universe Enterprises
6033 Sterrettania Road
Fairview PA 16415
phone: 814-833-7896


Nature Unlimited

12-unit Nature Unlimited with gourds added

A company owned by Dave and Mary Yoder which specializes in Purple Martin houses, poles, and gourd racks.  They also carry many accessories as well as other bird and bat houses, bird and squirrel feeders, bird baths, etc. but do not have a website.

Nature Unlimited
712 East Lake Street
Topeka IN 46571
Phone: 260-593-2624

Shop Till You Drop!

Purple Martin housing, equipment and accessories are readily available online as well as through local retailers.  Here is just a sampling of online sources:


The Purple Martin Conservation Association offers a wealth of housing and most anything a landlord could want. You can join PMCA and receive a discount on your purchases.

PMCA Martin Market Place

Nature Society

Check the Nature House online catalog web site for Martin housing, accessories, books etc. and other nature related products.

Nature Society order desk

Nature House Catalog

Purple Martins R Us

Lots of merchandise and information, articles, blogs, videos and a webcam (in season).

Purple Martins R Us

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