Adding a Cage to Protect Gourds from Flying Predators

Here’s how Fred V. protects his Purple Martins from hawks


Everything was purchased off the internet except the wire fencing which was purchased from Home Depot. Fred’s pole system and gourds were ordered from S&K Manufacturing.

The gourds and cage all lower together as the cage is attached to the gourd rack arms. Since the S&K arms are made of electric conduit pipe, Fred made a bracket as added support so that the arms would not bend under the additional weight.  The bracket is made in two pieces and clamps around the pole using a loose fit to allow everything to slide up and down. Four bolts are used.

To access the gourds, Fred just cut out small doors in the wire.  He recommends using pieces of the wire cage to tie it all together instead of plastic ties which wear out more easily.  Fred uses a boat trailer crank and stainless steel cable to raise and lower the unit.

Click on these photos for details


Most common flying predators in southwest Florida are:  Hawks (Red Shouldered, Coopers, Sharp Shinned, American Kestrel) and Owls (Great Horned, Barred, Eastern Screech)

2 Responses to Adding a Cage to Protect Gourds from Flying Predators

  1. News Editor says:

    Sorry to hear about your crows.

    The cage above was created by one of our members after a season of battling Kestrels. Click on the detail photos to see if you can adapt this plan for your housing.

  2. virginia a murray says:

    I am having a terrible time this year with crows grabbing my baby martins. Have had houses for at least 20 years in St Petersburg, FL and never had this problem before. Is there anywhere I can purchase a cage or get plans to build one?

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