Martins are moving in

Club members have shared photos of the Purple Martins at their colonies.  Plenty of Martins have arrived in southwest Florida and more are coming.  All photos taken the last week of February to the first week of March, 2012.

Dolly R.

Bob K.

Bob K.

Fred V.

Leslie B.


Extension Colony

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2 Responses to Martins are moving in

  1. News Editor says:

    Fred has had great success keeping hawks from attacking the martins at his gourds.
    Check out the article:

    “Adding a Cage to Protect Gourds from Flying Predators”

    under Purple Martins in Florida

  2. Andrew Richards says:

    Can someone ask Mr. Fred V. Who has a cage around his rack contact me at my email address. I wish for him to supply instructions on how he put that cage around his rack. This is a an imporant issue. I wish to know how he gets it to work when with his moveable (Up & Down) gourds.

    Please contact him. I truly need to know exactly how this is done.

    A picture of his site his located at:

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