The Great Backyard Bird Count finds Purple Martins in Florida

February 17-20 marked the 15th annual Great Backyard Bird Count, a joint project of  the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the National Audubon Society and Bird Studies of Canada. Birders and friends all over North America are reporting on the birds they observed over the weekend.

Purple Martins have been seen in at least 10 states so far!  Most were observed in Florida, Texas and Gulf States in between.  Reports are coming in.  Check here  GBBC Purple Martin results

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2 Responses to The Great Backyard Bird Count finds Purple Martins in Florida

  1. News Editor says:

    One of the most common reason Martins stop using housing is the growth of nearby trees and landscaping. When small trees grow to big trees they become hideouts for predators.

    Also check the link to an article by the Purple Martin Conservation Association at the bottom of our page on < < Attracting Purple Martins >> for more useful information.

  2. Ginny & Harry Cesan says:

    We have had purple martins for 11 years and we are so sad that for two years now they have not returned. We live in New Smyrna Beach,FL and are perplexed as to why? Can anyone living near us have an answer.?
    Thanks, Ginny

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