Purple Martins are here!

The third week of January is traditionally the time Martins begin to return to Collier County and Southwest Florida and they are right on time!

Sightings at colonies of PMSCC members

  • Jan. 15   Marco Island
  • Jan 17   Bonita Springs
  • Jan 18   Fackahatchee
  • Jan 19   Foxfire
  • Jan 21   Myakka City
  • Jan 22   Isles of Capri
  • Jan 22   The Villages
  • Jan 22   Port Charlotte
  • Jan 22   Golden Gate
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One Response to Purple Martins are here!

  1. Les Davis says:

    Wow it has been good to see the Purple Martins around here west of Labelle the last week or so. I am from Illinois and we usually winter in south Texas….this year we are here at Riverbend Motorcoach Resort. We are seeing a good number of martins early mornings and then some later on toward evenings. We will head north to Illinois just in time to get my houses opened up. Thanks for having this website!

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